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A Look Back To Yesteryear

Mountain Top Cafe has a proud history. In 1940, John and Doris Lovett, homesteaders in the area saw the potential of this setting located between the Big Highway 66 and Lancaster, Palmdale. Mrs. Lovett named it the Mtn. Top Cafe.


From the beginning the cafe served breakfast, lunch and dinner. How about these prices? Hamburger and Chips $.25, Coffee or Soda $.05, Soup $.05, Two Eggs $.10, Eggs, Ham, Hot Cakes and Coffee $.25.


It didn't cost much to get there either with gasoline at $.08 per gallon.


Mtn. Top Cafe was a popular spot during the war. As military personnel made their way to Edwards Air Force Base, many stopped for Mrs. Lovett's Fried Chicken and Homemade Pie. Her delicious pies sold for $.05 per slice.

During the early days water had to be hauled in by truck to a large holding tank. Electricity wasn't available until 1948. The restaurant used a gas generator, cooked on propane and the bathrooms were only available from the outside and lacked the modern amenities that we've become accustomed to today. The present fireplace is original and was the only heat in the building.


We hope that you enjoy your visit and your meal and that you return soon and often!

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